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1.The Matrimonial registration form should be carefully completed with all the details .

a. Latest Post card size colour photos - two photos (one head to foot and one bust)
b. A copy of your original horoscope, along with horoscope details duly filled in the Registration form also.
c. Give details such as name, age, marital status, education, profession etc, with postal address and phone no(s) etc, in respect of all brothers and sisters & parents of the Groom / Bride (in the Registration form)
d. Provide e-mail address and phone numbers wherever available & applicable in the registration form.
e. Matrimonial Registration form must be signed by Groom / Bride and also parent/guardian.

NOTE: After getting your Regn.No. from us by SMS / PHONE only you people can meet us with prior appointment (One day before) by phone only for better selections of Groom / Bride from our files.

2. Data furnished by you shall be kept absolutely confidential and will reach only the suitable parties

3. The information that we give you about the Grooms / Brides is as per the bio data received by us. You are requested to make your OWN inquiries to your fullest satisfaction and select the suitable Grooms / Brides and settle the match after exchanging views, horoscopes, bio data, and meetings etc on mutual concurrence. We don't guarantee anything to anyone. At any stage, our help or guidance is required; we will try to do our best. Kindly inform us about the progress in each case and be in touch with us till the marriage is settled.

4. The groom's party and bride's party are given information (2 or 3 alliances only at a time) with the advice that they meet the concerned persons after contacting through letters or phone.

5. Groom's parties should reply to the bride's parties and the bride's parties to groom's parties who will be writing or contacting them on the basis of information provided by us.

6. Kindly acknowledge all letters either from the applicants or parents or from us and cooperate with people who approach you with our reference as a matter of courtesy. We kindly request you to maintain decency, civility and courtesy in correspondence and personal meetings failing which your registration will be canceled.

Note: We may reject/cancel your registration: A) If failed to follow our Rules & regulations. B) If the Regn Form is not fully completed with all required details & Signatures. C) If you fail to enclose 2 photos as required by us. D) If the information given by you is found to be false. E) If you don’t co-operate with us & with the parties contacting you on our advice/behalf.

7. To enable us to serve you better, you should make regular visits to our office or communicate by phone/post. There is no regn - fees or the charges.Your registration will be cancelled if there are no communications with us either in person or phone for more than 6 months.


9. Please quote your registration number (given by us) along with your address in all your correspondence and over phone also with us. Also, when you contact the parties with our reference/advise Please quote registration number without fail.

10. We reserve the right to accept or reject any application for registration without assigning any reason whatsoever.

11. If the alliance is fixed or settled through our services or on your own, kindly inform us immediately. This will help us to remove your registration from our files to avoid confusion. Registration forms, photographs, etc. are not returnable even after settlement of the marriage.

12. Please intimate promptly to us the change if any - in your address, phone number, job, profession etc.

13. Print the following matter on the all the wedding invitations if interested only, in propagating our services.



Members will be able to create complete detailed profile with Profile Photo and Photo Album.
The Free Members are allowed to Express Interest in Matching Profiles and other members can also Express Interest in Free member's profile and they can Accept/Decline Profiles based on their preferences.
After shorlisting the profiles, they need to buy membership to send message to members to proceed further. Member subscription fee 5,000 per year(Plus Applicable Taxes)


Profiles of Silver Membership will be displayed with general search results with free members.
But, they will be able to send personalize message in their own words to members.
The messages will be send through the website only. You will get reply from any member even if that member is Free Member.
Member subscription fee 10,000 per year(Plus Applicable Taxes).


Profiles of Platinum Membership will be placed on the top of the Search Results Page in the specified area to get maximum visibility and increased responses.
This gives you the additional advantage to stand out amongst millions of other profiles.
Members having Platinum Membership will be able to send message in their own words.
The messages will be send through the website only.
You will get reply from any member even if that member is Free Member.
Member subscription fee 20,000 per year(Plus Applicable Taxes).




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